NEWS of the 23rd Keyplayer Meeting – TOPIC “Nutrition in football”

Prof. Michael Nerlich and PD Dr. Werner Krutsch welcomed about 50 Keyplayers of the FIFA Medical Centre Regensburg (FMCR) to the 23rd Keyplayer Meeting on April 25th 2018.

First speaker was Dr. med. Tobias Heising from Osnabrück, head of the most popular students football event in Europe, the ‘Medimeisterschaften’. He presented the idea behind the Meimeisterschaften, which includes over 22.000 participants, mainly medical students, every year.
Dr. Heising informed the audience how difficult it can be to organize such a big football event and that a well-structured medical service like prevention or emergency management represents the key for a successful event. The Medimeisterschaften are the latest prevention partner of the FIFA Medical Centre Regensburg and the cooperation includes mainly prevention in amateur football settings.

As the major topic of this Keyplayer Meeting was ‘nutrition in sports’, Dr. Frank Möckel, president of the sports medicine physicians in Bayern, presented his experiences as head of the institute for prevention and sports medicine IPS in Regensburg. Dr. Möckel informed about the current recommendations in nutrition in amateur sports, especially before and after competitions.

The FMCR was also pleased to welcome Anton Schmaus (in front, right), new head chef of the DFB German national football team. Dr. med. Werner Krutsch (in front, left) took the opportunity to interview Anton Schmaus from the Regensburgs restaurant ‘Storstad’ and asked him about his new role in the DFB, his aims for the upcoming FIFA World Football Championship in Russia and the priniciples and strategies to optimize the nutrition of professional football players.

As general conclusion from the discussion with all key players of the FMCR can be resumed that the nutrition as factor for success in football is less-based on scientific evidence, but it is a susceptible key factor for all football players in different skill levels to provide a sufficient preparation for training and competitions and to achieve a well-being to improve the own performance.

CM/WK – 29.04.2018