Keyplayer-Meetings FIFA Medical Centre Regensburg (2009-uptodate)


1st Keyplayer-Meeting (19.05.2009):

1st presentation:

Prof. Dr. Peter Angele (University Hospital Regensburg + Sporthopaedicum Regensburg)

F-MARC: projects and aims – stimulation for the FIFA Centre Regensburg”


2nd presentation:

Dr. Frank Möckel: (Institute of Prevention and Sports Medicine Regensburg)

Cardiovascular disease and risk profiles in football”


2nd Keyplayer-Meeting (15.07.2009):

1st presentation:

Michael Köllner (DFB coordinator Bavaria, talent promotion)

“Expectations of the football coaches to the FIFA Centre Regensburg”


2nd presentation:

Prof. Dr. Peter Oefner (Institute for functional Genomic, University Regensburg)

“Place value of the functional genomic in football talent scouting”


3rd presentation:

Phillip Weishaupt (business manager of RFZ back centre Regensburg)

“Core muscle strength and flexibility in football players- A study design”

Case-Report-Discussion: “Successful reanimation in local football club”


3rd Keyplayer-Meeting (06.10.2009):

1st presentation:

Dr. Johannes Zellner (Department of Trauma Surgery Regensburg)

“Presentation of first results of an epidemiologic study of ACL-ruptures”


2nd presentation:

Prof. Dr. Albert Gollhofer (University Freiburg, Institute for Sports Science)

“Methodology of biomechanical studies in football”


3rd presentation:

Dr. Stefan Lehner (Independent graduate engineer, Munich)

“Biomechanical studies in football with a computer model”


4th Keyplayer-Meeting (25.11.2009)

Professor Angele reviewed the first world-wide “FIFA Medical Conference” in Zürich. A common topic of a multicentre study with other FIFA Medical Centres was chosen: “Football specific neuro-orthopaedic adaption in children”

1st presentation:

Dr. Josef Harrer (Team Physician German National Team under 20, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Regensburg)

“First aid on football field – what do we need?”

2nd presentation:

Dr. Andreas Schlumberger (DFB Athletic Coach, sports scientist, Eden-Reha, Regensburg)

“Fitness in football–prevention and teaching aspects”


3rd presentation:

Dr. Andreas Harlass-Neuking (Team Physician SSV Jahn Regensburg, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Regensburg)

“Development of a network for treating special cases in the top of the FIFA Medical Centre Regensburg”


5th Keyplayer-Meeting (26.01.2010):

1st presentation:

Dr. Stefan Gerling (Paediatric cardiology, university medical centre  Regensburg)

“Football and heart – Presentation of a study design for a cardiac screening in youth football”

2nd presentation:

Dipl-Ing. Norbert Franke (Fraunhofer Institute Germany)

„Analysing of football matches with sports medical view by modern locating technology – Chips in ball and clothes as alternative methods of analysing football matches”


6th Keyplayer-Meeting (28.04.2010):

1st presentation:

Prof. Dr. Berthold Schalke (Institute of Neurology, University Hospital Regensburg)

“Lightning stroke – risk factor male football player: A case series”


2nd presentation:

Prof. Dr. Lukas Prantl (Section Plastic Surgery, University Trauma Centre Regensburg)

“Potential of the basic research in the treatment of muscle injuries”


3rd presentation:

Jure Jemec (Agent for Tensiomyography, Slovenia)

“Muscle measurements by Tensiomyography as active prevention of muscle injuries in football”


7th Keyplayer-Meeting 14.09.2010):

1st presentation:

Prof. Dr. Friedrich Christian Schröder (emeritus director of the juristic Faculty, University Regensburg)

“Bodily injuries in football and the potential juristic outcome”


2nd presentation:

Erwin Rammig (Conducter ADIDAS Innovation Team Herzogenaurach)

“Sport injuries in football – Prevention by the sports equipment Manufactory”


8th Keyplayer-Meeting (03/2011):

Welcome of Professor Angele to all guests of the first Keyplayer-Meeting of the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence Regensburg. The audience consists of medical doctors, physical therapists, sports scientists, officials of the regional and Bavarian football association, former professional football players, football trainers and managers. Presentation of the past and future projects in football medicine 2011.


1st presentation:

Frank Günzel (German professional football labour union)

Importance and functions of a labour union in professional football”


2nd  presentation:

Dr. Raymond Best: (Team Physician, VFB Stuttgart)

Back to play in professional football”


3rd presentation:

Martin Klügl (cand. med. FIFA Medical Centre Regensburg)

“Prevention of sports injuries – results of a study in retired professional football player”


9th Keyplayer-Meeting (05/2011):

1st presentation:

Dr. Stephan Gerling (Pediatric cardiology, University Medical Centre Regensburg)

“First results of a cardiological screening in youth football”


2nd  presentation:

Reinhard Klante (Head coach of Bavarian Football Association)

“Role of the coach in youth football teams regarding medical issues”


3rd  presentation:

Dr. Andreas Schlumberger (Athletic Coach German Football Association (DFB) and Borussia Dortmund)

“Main focus of medical training in education of football coaches in Germany”


10th Keyplayer-Meeting (11/2011):

1st  presentation:

Helmut Hoffmann (Eden-Reha)

“Results of a full body icebox in rehabilitation of professional football player”


2nd  presentation:

Miriam Luthmann (AlterG Europe)

“Possibilities in lower gravidity system `AlterG` for rehabilitation programs in football”


11th Keyplayer-Meeting (03/2012):


1st presentation:

Prof. Dr. Peter Angele (Director FIFA Medical Centre Regensburg)

Report of the 2nd FIFA Medical Conference in Doha/Dubai”


2nd presentation:

Hans Dorfner (Former German National Player, Bayern Munich)

Youth Football Camps – football for health”


3rd presentation:

Martin Meichelbeck (Head of medicine and psychology in first divison football club, Greuther Fürth)

“Injury prevention in adolescent player during increase of professionalism in football”


4th presentation:

Michael Köllner (DFB youth coach)


“Improvement of education and performance in youth football”


5th presentation:

Dr. Stephan Gerling (Pediatric cardiology, University Medical Centre Regensburg)

“Local medical network in youth football Regensburg”


12th Keyplayer-Meeting (09/2012):

1st presentation:

Dr. Rainer Koch (Vice president DFB, Head of Anti-Doping committee)

“New developments in German Anti-Doping in Football”


2nd presentation:

Dr. Werner Krutsch (Medical Coordinator FIFA Medical Centre Regensburg)

“Focus of scientific football medicine in Regensburg”


13th Keyplayer-Meeting (03/2013):


1st presentation:

PD Dr. Götz Welsch (Team physician Spvgg Greuther Fürth)


“Radiological examinations of osteoarthritis in football player“


2nd presentation:

Anton Nebauer (Creativ Farben GmbH)

“Development and medical consequences of different composed sideline turf colors on football fields in Germany”


14th Keyplayer –Meeting (06/2013):


1st presentation:

PD. Dr. Florian Pfab (Team physician FC Ingolstadt)

“Alternative medicine in muscle injuries”


2nd presentation:

Daryn Talker (ElliptiGo)

„Presentation of a new form of cross trainer“


3rd presentation:

Dr. Werner Krutsch (FIFA Centre Regensburg)

“Magnetic and shook wave therapy in muscle injuries”


15th Keyplayer –Meeting (11/2013):


1st presentation:

PD. Dr. Thore Zantop (sporthopaedicum Regensburg)

“Return to play after football injuries”


2nd presentation:

Frank Günzel  (German professional football labour union)

“Social and medical prevention in youth football”



23rd Keyplayer-Meeting (04/2018)

1st presentation:

Dr. med. Tobias Heising (host of major event “Medimeisterschaften”)

“The football event Medimeisterschaften, its organisation and the new cooperation with the UKR”


2nd presentation:

Dr. med. Frank Möckel (bavarian sport medicine specialist union “BSÄV”, Institute for prevention and sports medicine IPS in Regensburg)

“Principles of nutrition in sports”


3rd presentation:

Anton Schmaus (new head chef of the german football national team)

“Nutrition in football”