Football medicine:

 – MRI Examination of radial epiphysis in youth female football player [data collection finished]

 – Increased incidence of anterior cruciate ligament injuries after implementation of a new professional football league [submitted]

– Characteristics and risk factors for ACL ruptures in male and female football player [data collection finished]

– Occurrence of postoperative infection after ACL reconstruction in athletes [data collection finished]

– Severe football injuries are competition related injuries – A 15 year trial in a level I emergency trauma department [submission planned]

General soccer exposure as sufficient stimulus for specific trunk muscle profile in soccer player of different skill level [submission planned]

– Scientific approach for a medical first aid kit in youth football [submission planned]

– Epidemiologic occurrence of male and female referee injuries in different football skill levels [data collection finished]

– Injury prevention strategies in German football referees [data collection finished]

– Musculoskeletal and social long-time changes in retired German professional football players [data collection finished]

– Long term outcome of > 20 year football keepers’ activity on wrist and finger joints [data collection finished]

– Conservative treatment of aseptic osteitis pubis by shock wave therapy in young football player. A prospective controlled double-blinded trial [data collection finished]

– Epidemiology of football injuries in World championship of Medical Teams [data collection finished]

– Cardiologic and orthopaedic screening examinations in elite youth football player [data collection finished]

Regenerative Surgery:

– Basic research: Tissue engineering in articular cartilage and meniscus

– Clinical research: Regenerative surgery of ligaments, articular cartilage and meniscus